Did you know that most people want to get married in June? The month of June was the most popular month to get married and is still common up to this date. Approximately 10.8% of couples get married in June, the largest percentage. Let’s go down the history of the famous “June Bride”. The name June is derived from the Roman goddess of marriage, Juno. The goddess Juno is the equivalent of Hera, the Greek goddess of love and marriage. Families believed that when a couple married in June, they would be blessed with eternal happiness. 

A perfect June wedding will of course need a perfect wedding ring. Let me help you in choosing your perfect wedding ring. As you know, June is one of the two months that is associated with three birthstones, one of which is the most modern birthstone, the Alexandrite. 

Here are some of our Alexandrite wedding ring sets:

This Leaf and vine wedding ring set highlights the Alexandrite gemstone. Distinctive and extraordinary, this nature-inspired wedding ring set is perfect for those who would love to express their charisma and uniqueness. This ring will bring love and hope to its wearer and give your finger a very expensive, classic, and gorgeous look. 

If you’re more into brilliant and sparkling rings, then this  Twisted Milgrain Pear Shape Alexandrite and Diamond Halo Bridal Set is perfect for you. Highlighting an intricate milgrain detailing, this halo bridal set is undeniably elegant. This wedding ring set will surely create a fascinating look on your finger. 

If sparkling brilliance is not your kind of thing, this Five Stone Nature-inspired Alexandrite and Diamond Trio Wedding Ring set is a perfect option for you. The nature-inspired ring band creates a very classic and simply captivating look. A five-stone setting can be said to represent the five qualities of a good relationship- love, commitment, trust, communication, and empathy.

If you’re looking for something that sets you aside from most people, this attractive and eye-catching Flower Bezel Cushion Cut Alexandrite and Diamond Art Deco Bridal Set   is a perfect option for you. Timeless and unique, this vintage bridal set  highlights a floral unique design that will surely look elegant and stand out from the crowd. 

If you’re looking for something simple yet adorable, this  Dainty Pear Shape Alexandrite and Diamond Pave Wedding Ring Set is a perfect option for you. The solitaire engagement ring paired with a semi-eternity band is simply remarkable. With the amazing color-changing effect of the center stone, this minimalist bridal set will surely look fancy on your finger.

So, which one is the perfect wedding ring set for you?