How to Clean and Care for a Moonstone Engagement Ring?

Ever wondered what a moonstone gemstone is? Don’t worry, we have brought you some interesting facts and details about moonstone gemstones and also shared some tips to take good care of your moonstone engagement ring to last you for a long time.

About a Moonstone: Moonstone has been a popular gemstone since the ancient civilizations. These gemstones is created from a mineral ore called Feldspar. Moonstone are known for their adularescence shine that occurs when light passes through. Moonstone come in blue and rainbow colors and were popular during the Art Nouveau era. It was first found by a French Goldsmith and was later flourished into the modern world.

How to Clean and Care a Moonstone Engagement ring:

You don’t have to be a Jewelry expert to know how to clean and care a Moonstone Engagement ring. Here are some easy steps that you can do to take care of your Moonstone ring for a lifetime:

• Moonstone are quite soft stones and they are ranked from 6.0-6.5 for hardness in the Mohs Scale. So, this stone must be given a lot of care and maintenance.

• Please don’t expose your moonstone engagement rings in excess heat, please store the Moonstone engagement rings in a Jewelry box or in a Fabric cloth pouch.

• Please don’t use your Moonstone engagement ring while showering, working out or while applying any hand lotions. As it might damage the stone and make it cloudy in appearance.

• To clean a Moonstone engagement ring take a soft fabric and dip it in some warm water and soap. Then, use that cloth to clean it gently around the surface and the edges of the Moonstone ring. This will help you prevent any dirt collection in the Moonstone Engagement ring.

• Do not use any harsh liquid soaps, detergents, or chemicals to clean the Moonstone as it can create some discoloration in the Moonstone Engagement ring.

Moonstone has always been considered a perfect gemstone for a wedding ring since ancient times. It is symbolized as a stone of romantic lore by the Greeks and Romans. Since each moonstone is different and unique in its own way, it reflects the individuality of the wearer. If you are looking for moonstone engagement rings for your partner, then you should checkout some of our best-selling collections below:

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