The wearing of an engagement ring is universally regarded as a sign of dedication and commitment between two people. Engagement rings were first worn by women to represent their devotion and love for their valued spouses throughout the Roman era. Since then, it has become tradition for a couple to give and receive engagement rings as a sign of their love. As a sign of a beautiful promise, we at ShyGems have been a part of this tradition, and we take great pride in handmaking our engagement rings to celebrate your special moments. With a passion for making one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry, we started in 1997, and that passion has since grown into a lifelong dedication to crafting magnificent and distinctive pieces.

Since our jewelry has been adored and celebrated by many people over the years, we'd like to spread the appreciation by showing you the behind-the-scenes process of making our engagement rings. Every piece of jewelry we sell at ShyGems is handcrafted by our talented in-house artisans, and each one is meticulously made to meet your standards.

FROM THE BEGINNING (Mold Making and Casting)

Our ring-making process begins with the creation of a mold. Unique and trendy ring styles are designed and modeled by our skilled jewelers and brought to reality by our experienced artisans. The first stage is where the mold is made for the ring casting. Once the mold is made, it is put under pressure, and hot wax is injected into the mold and removed when it has cooled, which serves as a casting model that can be customized to your required ring size.

Filing Stage

Once the ring is cast to your ring size and style, it will be sent for filing, which involves polishing and smoothing out the rough edges to prepare them for stone setting. Our in-house artisans put in a lot of effort and precision to craft your engagement rings to perfection. Once the rings are filed and the edges are smoothed, they are then sent for stone setting.

Gem Setting 

The now-filed ring is then sent for stone setting, where ethically sourced gemstones are examined and selected by gem experts and then passed down to our craftsmen for the setting. Each stone has been hand-selected to the correct measurement and dimension so that it can fit perfectly in the ring. Our jewelers take great care to ensure that the stones are set precisely at this stage of the ring-making process so that it will last you a lifetime.

Finishing and Polishing

Your ring is essentially finished by this point, but a final polish is necessary to make sure the surface is smooth and polished. Once the polishing is finalized, the ring is sent for final quality checks, where our in-house jewelers examine and polish your engagement ring to ensure that it is scratch-resistant with daily wear and tear. Your finished ring is then prepared for shipment once the quality tests are completed.
We genuinely hope you enjoyed seeing how our engagement rings are made from scratch as much as we did, and that you will be delighted to purchase our rings for your loved ones. Share your opinions and questions with us on Facebook  and Instagram.