With the warmer season coming, now is the ideal time to fulfill your floral proposal fantasies. With the blooming blossoms emerging this spring, it is a perfect time to pop the question for all those who are ready for new beginnings. There is no season like spring to celebrate your love and embark on a new journey with your loved ones. So, here we are to ease your selection as we share some of our spring-inspired engagement ring styles that we believe will make your spring proposal even more special.


What's more perfect than a floral-inspired ring for your spring proposal? Spring is all about blossoming flowers, and if you are a floral jewelry lover, then this is the ideal option for you. To make it even more special, add some color to your jewelry. Gemstones are the new diamonds, and with the growing popularity of colored gemstones, it will be the perfect time to get yourself or your loved one a gemstone ring to celebrate your special day.

Featuring our floral-inspired vintage moss agate engagement ring. This floral-inspired engagement ring exhibits a 1 carat solid Moss agate stone in the center and is enhanced with diamonds on the sides. The floral halo art is highlighted with petite milgrain decor that adds the perfect vintage element to the ring. If you enjoy wearing vintage jewelry, this art-deco floral Moss agate ring is a great option. 


Due to the detailed and vintage drawings that are etched into them, filigree bands are a ring style that is well known for adding a romantic touch to engagement rings. The filigree designs are intricate metalwork that is carved on the bands, highlighting the stones while also adding an antique touch to the ring. Filigree rings are a great ring style for your spring proposal, and they will surely make your special someone feel loved. 

One of our best-selling filigree ring designs is the Classic Opal and Diamond Art Deco Wedding Ring Set, which features filigree patterns etched on the wedding band and engagement ring that are influenced by Edwardian architecture. A solid 1 carat rainbow opal is set as the center stone on the engagement ring and is further enhanced with dazzling diamond side stones. With our one-of-a-kind filigree Art Deco opal band, make your special moment even more unforgettable as you set out on a lifelong adventure together.


As a symbol of a couple's everlasting love, infinity rings make the perfect option for your spring proposal this year. Our Twisted Leaf twig Opal and diamond bridal ring set is an infinity-inspired design that is the perfect spring-inspired ring to celebrate your infinite love for each other.

A 1 carat solid round opal gemstone set in the middle of the engagement ring's claw-prong setting perfectly matches the earthy theme of the wedding set. Additionally, the rings are adorned with sparkling diamonds to highlight the central stone. Let's impress her with this twisted vine opal and diamond bridal ring and cherish your special moment for a lifetime.


If you're still unsure, a solitaire ring is always the most secure and traditional choice for you. Our Leaf and Vine solitaire engagement ring is the ideal choice for those who enjoy wearing solitary rings. This solitaire ring has a springtime flair thanks to the addition of filigree leaf and vine designs, which makes it ideal for your springtime proposal.

The leaf and Vine Solitaire ring features a gleaming 1 carat Natural Oval cut Moss agate stone securely set in a claw prong setting, which perfectly complements the ring's earthy touch. Do not miss this amazing opportunity and get her to say "YES" with our affordable yet unique Moss agate solitaire vine engagement ring.


Let us know which spring jewelry ring style inspired your engagement ring this season. For more such seasonal jewelry, check our Gemstone collection

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