The Magnificence of the Sea Gemstone: Aquamarine 

History of the Sea Blue Gemstone: Aquamarine

Aquamarine: The dazzling blue gemstone is known to be a mythological gemstone and has a great history behind it. Legends say that aquamarine gemstones were washed ashore from a mariner’s treasure chest.

Known as the sailor’s protection against the wrath of the sea, this magical gemstone not only has a great history but is also one of the most beautiful and ancient gemstones that are used in jewelry. Allured by the ancient Greeks and Romans, aquamarine gemstones were always worn as amulets with Intaglio engraving on them. Since then, aquamarine gemstones have been used in modern jewelry, especially in rings and necklaces.

The word "aquamarine" is derived from the Latin language, which means the "color of the sea", due to its pale greenish-blue appearance. This Cyan variety of gemstone comes from the beryl mineral group and has a translucent greenish-blue hue that gives it an ocean-like appearance.

What to look for in an aquamarine ring?

Aquamarines are known for their turquoise hue, and it is a key factor to look at before buying aquamarine jewelry. The blueish hue of the aquamarine will define if the stone is natural. Even experts depend upon the color of the aquamarine to determine its originality. So, before buying aquamarine jewelry, make sure that the gemstone is transparent and inclusion-free to the naked eye. 

The iridescence and the adularescent shine are other factors to be considered in aquamarine jewelry. The more reflective the stone is, the higher the quality of the aquamarine. So, next time you buy an aquamarine gemstone jewelry piece, make sure to remember these three factors: a dark-blueish hue; fewer inclusions; and higher reflections under sunlight. 

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Featuring our classic Cushioncut Aquamarine and diamond Halo Bridal set. This Classic halo style bridal set is suitable for all those traditional brides. With its elegance and pale-blue hue, this Aquamarine and diamond wedding ring set will be the perfect jewelry to complement on your special day. The center stone exhibits a 1 carat cushion cut Aquamarine and further enhanced with sparkling diamonds as the side stones. Get this vintage style Aquamarine Bridal set for your loved one and make your special day even more memorable.

Another Best selling and one of our favorite's is this natureinspired Aquamarine ring. This solitaire ring is not your classic solitaire but has a earthy twist in it. The band is finely handcrafted with vine and leaf scrollwork and it is suitable piece of jewelry for all the boho jewelry lovers. This minimalist floral engagement ring holds a solid 1 carat Round cut Aquamarine gemstone in a claw prong setting that perfectly complements the vine and leaf metal work in the band. Do not miss this amazing opportunity to get this get this handmade Aquamarine engagement ring at such an affordable and reasonable price.

For all the simple and chic jewelry lovers, this emeraldcut aquamarine and diamond engagement ring will be the one for you. The four-prong vintage style engagement ring includes a 1 carat solid blue aquamarine stone in the center with 0.25 carats of small round diamonds as the sparkling stones. The aquamarine is perfectly complemented with the sparkling diamonds and will be the perfect ensemble on your special day.

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