Timeless and Classic: A Three-Stone Engagement Ring

When it comes to engagement rings, many people look for something with meaning or significance. While many fashion trends come and go, the three-stone ring is one ring style that has endured and is still among the most popular ring designs for the engagement ring. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, three-stone rings are regarded as timeless due to the significance and symbolism they convey. One example of such a symbol is a relationship's past, present, and future represented by three stones, each of which stands for the genuine beauty of friendship and love for one another. Aside from that, three-stone rings are also seen as a representation of friendship, love, and fidelity. Some traditions even claim that three-stone rings stand for the Holy Trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit). Whatever the symbolism may be, if you are not a traditionalist, you can deviate from the norm and create your own meaning for the three-stone engagement ring. 

Now that you're aware of the three-stone ring's symbolism, let's take a look at some of our best-selling three-stone engagement rings that will undoubtedly make your women fall in love all over again.

Popularly known for its moss-like inclusions, this Green Moss Agate and Moissanite Promise Ring is one of our best-selling three-stone rings and is also a nature-inspired ring. With its growing popularity, the Moss agate gemstone ring will be the perfect ring to surprise your loved ones this holiday season. The Leaf and Vine engagement ring features a 0.5-carat Moss agate stone in the center and two glistening Moissanite stones on the sides, making it the ideal antique-style engagement ring for all traditional jewelry lovers.

Green Moss Agate- Three Stone Rings

Another best-seller is our Art Deco-inspired three-stone bridal set. This three-stone ring is a unique design that is meticulously designed and customized by our in-house artisans. The engagement ring boasts a 0.33-carat princess-cut Moissanite, and the adjacent Moissanite stones are also paired in princess cut to perfect the three-stone look for the bridal set. Moreover, the Moissanite wedding ring set is enhanced with sparkling diamonds on the bands, which are further accentuated with petite milgrain bead decor and traditional filigree craft work. For all the vintage jewelry lovers, this Art-Deco-inspired three-stone Moissanite bridal set will be the perfect ring for your special day.

Moissanite- Three Stone Rings

For all the unconventional jewelry lovers, this contemporary-style three-stone wedding ring set will undoubtedly be the perfect piece of jewelry that will notch up your jewelry game this holiday. With its modern quadrilateral shapes and unique earthy designs, this opal and diamond bridal ring set will surely make you the eye candy of the crowd. The engagement ring features an adularescent hexagonal opal, which is accentuated with two sparkling diamonds on either side, and it is perfectly paired with a contoured, nature-inspired wedding band. Celebrate life's joyous occasions with our unique handcrafted gemstone rings and cherish your special moments for a lifetime.

Opal- Three Stone Rings

This final piece of our three-stone engagement ring is a thing of minimalistic beauty in itself. A special and uniquely designed trilogy ring for your special someone, Crafted by our passionate artisans, this dainty tapered trilogy engagement ring features a glistening 1 carat kite-shaped synthetic Alexandrite gemstone in the center and is perfectly enhanced with two sparkling diamonds as the side stones. The kite-shaped Alexandrite gemstone adds a modern twist to this traditional three-stone engagement ring. So, if you are looking for some contemporary jewelry designs that have a classy yet elegant feel, then this tapered trilogy Alexandrite and diamond engagement ring will be the perfect choice for you. Do not miss this amazing opportunity to get these unique three-stone engagement rings at such affordable and reasonable prices.

Alexandrite- Three Stone Rings

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