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"Art-Deco" is a word that you might have heard prominently while looking for jewelry, and if you are still wondering what it means, then don't worry, you are in the right place. Art-deco jewelry was first popularized in the 1920s and 1930s and was a unique style that was represented by geometric shapes and patterns. Bold and unique patterns were created with different shapes of diamonds and gemstones and were predominantly adorned as staple pieces of jewelry during the 20th century. However, this exquisite jewelry is still prominent in modern times, and no matter what the occasion, Art-Deco jewelry will surely make the wearer stand out from the crowd.

If you enjoy a good vintage piece to embellish your special day, then art-deco jewelry is the way to go. And here are some of our favorite Art Deco rings that will surely make you the eye candy on your special day.

One of our best-selling Art Deco Rings, is the Infinity style Floral Art Deco ring, that exhibits a iridescent luminous 1 carat Solid Fire Opal as the center stone and is perfectly complemented with sparkling diamonds as the side stones. The halo and the bands of the ring are further detailed with petite milgrain bead decor that adds the perfect Art-Deco element to the entire ring. If you are someone who loves floral vintage rings then this Opal and Diamond Halo Engagement ring is the perfect option for you. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity to surprise your loved ones or yourself with this perfect Art-Deco jewelry.

Another favorite Art-deco jewelry is our Cushion cut Peach Morganite and diamond Engagement ring. Handmade with lot of care and precision, this affordable Morganite Art-deco ring, will be the perfect piece of jewelry for all those vintage lovers, who like a bold statement on their special day. Cherish your special moments with this unique Art-Deco Engagement ring that will surely last you for a lifetime.

Paint your love story with our handcrafted antique art deco wedding ring set. This unique tiara inspired vintage wedding ring set

 showcases a 0.5 carat Solid Green Moss agate and is accentuated with sparkling diamonds on the bands. The Petite Milgrain bead detailing in the engagement ring highlights the art-deco element in the Bridal set. For all those vintage Brides who are looking for their dream wedding ring, this antique floral Moss agate and diamond wedding ring set is the perfect ring for you. Fulfill your vintage wedding dreams with our Art-Deco jewelry and cherish those special memories for a lifetime.

Let us know which of these Art-Deco rings made it to your special day and for more such Art-Deco inspired Jewelry, checkout our Art  Deco Collection

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