It's once again that time of year. The nights are getting longer, and the leaves are starting to change. Finally, fall is here, and numerous new autumn jewelry styles came along with it! Our fashion, including jewelry,  changes with the change in the season. If you enjoy accessorizing, it's important to stay updated on latest jewelry trends to adapt to the changing seasons. To guarantee you stay fashionable throughout the fall season, read onto discover more about the best jewelry trends. We've compiled our top jewelry  fashions for the upcoming fall season. From the newest best-sellers to current trends, these are some of our favorite looks:

With a fall wedding, what better option than green color and some nature inspired ring designs to add the touch of autumn vibes. This will convey an air of elegance without sacrificing any of the best seasonal elements. Also, fall is all about nature and leaves, so let’s go floral which is trending this season. This magical piece features round cut green moss agate at the center and two round cut moissanite as the side stones. This nature inspired engagement ring  displays beautiful leaf and vine carvings that gracefully wrap around the fingers. The three stones in this divine ring also represents a couple's past, present and future. This ring is an absolute fall vibe perfect to step into a new chapter of your life.

Currently, floral design is incredibly popular  in the jewelry world. Even though they are normally worn during spring, they are nevertheless popular during the fall as well since they let onlookers see a flower every time you lift your hand when the autumn wind blows by. This magnificent diamond bridal set features and engagement ring with leaf and vine details across the band adding a touch of nature into it. The art deco work on the wedding band is also exceptional handwork of our artisans. This floral wedding set is a must have for this fall season as it will perfectly complement your fall  outfit. 

Fall is the season for bolder jewelry choices, moving on from the delicate constants that kept us cool and comfortable during  the hot, muggy days of spring and summer. For the bolder brides, a non-traditional shape and design like this kite cut lab created alexandrite engagement ring is  what’s trending right now. This fall's fashion trends are all about  experimenting with colors and patterns. This mystic beauty is a cooler piece to  add to your collection because it is just as cool as the autumn air. 

This season, gemstones are popular, and the bigger and bolder the better! Autumn is  the perfect time to wear precious gemstones with vibrant colors, as well as  some contemporary gemstones like Green Moss Agate. The gorgeous hexagon shaped moss agate trio set is an epitome of autumn. Everything about it screams autumn fashion, from  the stone's striking shape to its vibrant color to the floral patterns on the band. This trio set's nature-inspired design is regal and whimsical. This five stone moss agate ring, which comes with two matching wedding bands, is a must-have for the fall season.

To sum it up, the jewelry you choose for  fall should best convey the impression you want to make. After all, wearing  jewelry is a year-round way to express oneself. Visit our website  to uncover on-trend fall pieces that will have you head over heels long afterthe season has passed.

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