Why not think about a completely unconventional shape if you're one of the bold and contemporary brides looking for a distinctive ring that shows your personal style? Geometric and modern; hexagon and kite shaped rings are the pinnacle of alternative if your objective is an engagement ring that doesn't resemble your traditional engagement ring. Nothing beats a distinctive geometric design rings for the contemporary brides-to-be with a design that is undoubtedly elegant and contemporary.

Opals, also referred to as "The Queen of Gems," hold a great deal of significance. Cleopatra and Empress Josephine are two historical figures who are known for their love of opals. Opal jewelry is not only mesmerizing, but it is also considerably more affordable than other types of jewelry. They have an unusual glitter that is iridescent and enchanting. Opals have a magical beauty that cannot be denied, and each one is truly unique, perfect for a bride who is also unique. Opals make the ideal engagement ring for the unconventional non-diamond bride because it is difficult to imagine anything else with the transcendent light emanating from it.

Here are some geometric ring designs of Opal that will get people talking:

Opals have a magical beauty that cannot be denied, and each one is truly one-of-a-kind, perfect for a bride who is also unique. This stunning piece is a kaleidoscopic rainbow of hues. The simple aesthetic enables the gemstone's inherent beauty to take center stage. With this triplet ring, you can consider the past, present, and future of your union. This nature-inspired wedding ring set, which includes an opal with a hexagonal form, has a distinct look and feel. A matching wedding band with floral leaf and vine art elements is included with this bridal set.

This ring is the ideal option to choose if you want to go for something completely non-traditional for your wedding. The opal stone makes the entire ring saturated in color in addition to giving the bands of the ring a timeless appearance. The center stone of the kite-shaped engagement ring is a genuine opal, and there are six accent stones throughout the band that are marquise and spherical in form. A matching wedding band and engagement ring make up this seven-stone bridal set, which completes the look flawlessly.

A floral art-deco pattern for all you nature enthusiasts. Opal stone's multicolored rainbow hues are incredibly chic and exude a classic allure. With moissanite as accents, the hexagon-shaped opal in this wedding ring set is set in a simple black gold band. A 0.15 carat round and baguette-shaped moissanite accent surrounds a one carat opal center stone. The geometric design has a contemporary and organic feel by the leaf pattern on the matching wedding ring and the floral accents.

A modern aesthetic with distinctive charm. Displaying a kite-shaped bridal set with a beautiful featuring an opal solitaire with a curvaceous appeal. A simple white gold ring has a kite-shaped opal placed in a bezel setting. The transparent stone appears to be floating on top of your finger due to the thin band. The band itself has a rounded flair to match the concept. This wedding ring set includes an engagement ring with a 1 carat kite-shaped opal as the focal point and 0.15 carats of tiny round cut diamonds on the matching chevron-shaped wedding band which will complete your ensemble.

With this ring, which has a luscious opal stone instead of a white diamond as the center stone, classy and uniqueness are combined. It truly stands out on a plain black gold band. One engagement ring and a matching wedding band are included in this minimalist wedding ring set to give your overall ensemble some originality. This wedding set is a very remarkable statement item that includes a 1 carat solitaire opal as the center stone supported by four prongs in a simple black gold band and a matching V-shaped wedding band with a solitaire dainty diamond on top.


      This fun geometric design of these Opal rings will likely draw anyone’s attention to it. 

Do you like how it looks? You are undoubtedly going to love how it feels on your adorable fingers.


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