Best Seller - Trio 0.8 carat Round Moss Agate and Moissanite Leaf and Vine Bridal Set in White Gold

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Get married in style. Best Seller - Trio 0.8 carat Round Moss Agate and Moissanite Leaf and Vine Bridal Set in White Gold is one the best options you can add to your special moment. The nature-inspired wedding set boasts 0.8 carat round natural Moss agate and Moissanite with its matching wedding band. Promise ring features 0.5 carat authentic Moss Agate and flanked by 0.3 carat round Moissanite. The band is crafted artfully into leaf and vine art deco jewelry. What comes with the promise ring is contoured wedding band that is also garnished by dainty leaves. Not only the band is presented in nature sculpted but green Moss agate is also a gemstone that will help you connect with nature more, it gives anyone who possesses it positive energy. This Art deco wedding ring set comes in 4 colors; white gold, rose gold, yellow gold and black gold. The band can also be customized into either 18k gold over, 10k gold, 14k gold and 18k gold.

Please note that type of side stone occurs according to metal type; if the band is silver, the side stone of the ring will be Moissanite and if the band is gold, diamond will be employed as side stone.

The ring comes with a 30-day full refund policy and one free resizing within 30 days upon receipt of the item.

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Customer Reviews

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Super Sketchy, Would Not Recommend

I started my journey with this company in early December of 22. My plan for months was to propose on our anniversary in early February of 23. I spent months searching for a ring I liked and finally found a beautiful nature inspired bridal set within our budget. I did research on Shygems as a company and found little to no reason not to trust them but with every company you have some negative reviews.
I chose to order the set and felt encouraged that I would receive a beautiful and based on the reference images, sturdy, ring set.
Fast forward about a week and a half and the rings arrive! I was overjoyed. To my dismay, both rings were very thin, the engagement ring being as thin as a sewing needle in the sizing area! To make things worse, the beautifully pictured moss agate was almost entirely green and what little clear parts it had were cloudier than an overcast evening. I immediately contacted the company to see about getting the rings reinforced or remade because the bands would have snapped within weeks of being worn. It's an engagement ring, it's meant to be worn every day for a lifetime!
I was assigned a customer service representative within 24 hours who was very willing to work with me to get things resolved.
By this time it was getting to be mid December which is understandably a busy season for any jeweler and my rep was clear that they would not be able to do anything until mid January. I was unhappy but understanding and asked if we could get things ironed out by the end of January (my planned proposal was Feb 6th) and my rep said they would try to expedite the process. I was given two options, ship the ring back immediately and receive a full refund and reorder in January, or keep the ring and send it back in January to be remade. I opted to follow through with the latter. Through all of this I was emailing back and forth with my rep to ensure that the ring would be remade for no extra charge, as the thickness was entirely unacceptable and most jewelers refuse to make a band with less than 2mm of material. I was assured there would be no extra charges as it was covered under warranty. I was told that they would contact me in January with shipping information.
The middle of January rolls around and I've heard nothing so I chose to email to check in. Eventually they were ready for me to ship the ring back (only the engagement ring- the wedding band was very thin but still thicker than the engagement ring). Shortly before I shipped the ring they then "reminded me" that there would be a $120 processing fee to cover labor costs... No... I'm pretty certain I was told in a previous email that it was under warranty and there would be no extra charges. So I reminded them of the previous email and they "graciously" agreed to wave the fee. It was their shotty work, why am I paying their employees to fix the mistake?
I was given an address and a request to provide a tracking number but was not given a shipping label, which meant I was paying out of pocket to ship the ring with insurance back to them.
Weeks go by and I know the ring has arrived at the address they provided. They needed to order more moss agate stones for me to choose from and it took some time for those to arrive. It's now late January and I'm starting to panic because I don't have a ring and they've only just emailed me pictures of the new stones.
I decided to buy a cheap $100 ring from Walmart that looks almost identical and use that to propose. The cheap Walmart ring had over twice the material used in the original ring and is beautiful.
I proposed with the Walmart ring on the 6th and had still heard nothing about the progress of my ring being remade thicker with the new stone.
On the morning of the 7th (3am EST) I get an email containing pictures of the newly fabricated ring and it's still pretty thin. I specifically requested they make it around or over 2mm if possible because the reference images clearly show a solid, thick, and uniform band.
I asked if it was too late to resize to a 10 as my fiance's finger has swollen some since the last time she was sized. It also appeared from the images that the remade ring isn't even sized up to the requested 9, but around an 8.7.
I got the ring back and to their credit, they did a pretty decent job remaking it but the sizing area was still pretty dainty. Decided to have a professional just combine the two rings so we wont be repairing it in 6 months when it deforms or snaps.
Do not recommend this company. Everything seemed so sketchy the deeper I went researching their company too. Doubt me? Just look up the street views/listed locations of their "official" addresses listed on the website or look at their Instagram.

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