Ultimate Guide to choose the Perfect Moonstone Engagement ring

Are you in a turmoil trying to find the perfect Moonstone engagement ring to propose to your soulmate with? It can be quite overwhelming when it comes to finding the perfect engagement ring for your loved one, but here we are to make it easier for you with our Moonstone engagement ring guide, which will help you pick the perfect Moonstone ring that will surely complement your unique style.

What is a Moonstone?

Moonstone is one of the popular gemstones in the recent times. Moonstones are gemstones that are produced from a very common mineral group called the Feldspar. Feldspar minerals are the most common group of minerals found on earth and about 45% of the earth’s crust is made with Feldspar.  The Moonstone is a variety of the Feldspar mineral group – (orthoclase and albite).  During the formation of the Moonstone these minerals tend to separate and alter their layers. Later, when light passes through these layers, the adularescence phenomenon takes place. Adularescence is nothing but the light that produces sheen in the gemstones. Most of the Blue moonstones are adularescent, while the rainbow moonstone is considered labradorescence because the light that scatters into the gemstones reflects with many colors like yellow, brown, pink and purple making it a rainbow.

How to Choose the Best Moonstone: (4 C’s)

When it comes to moonstone, the 4C's are the way to determine the quality of the gemstone, and they include the color, cut, clarity, and carat of the gemstone.

Color: There are different types and colors that you can find in a Moonstone Engagement ring. While there are about 3 types in a Moonstone: Transparent, Translucent and Opaque. The semi-transparent moonstone with a blue sheen is the most popular and primary color for the Moonstone Engagement rings. However, there are secondary colors with yellow, brown, green sheen, but they are not as popular or demanded like the blue ones.

Cut: Moonstones Engagement rings are usually cut in cabochon, but in recent times faceted cuts are more popular and in demand. One of the most popular faceted Moonstone cuts is the Rose cut.

Clarity: The best clarity considered for a Moonstone is typically translucent with a sheen. But there are Opaque and transparent moonstones also available. Transparent moonstones suit best with some inclusions in it. However, if you are going for a moonstone with a glow in it, it is better to avoid the Opaque ones.

Carat: In Modern times, the maximum carat used to make a Moonstone jewelry is up to 5 carats. 1-5 carats are the preferred range used by Jewelers to make a Moonstone ring/jewelry. But there are Moonstones in the ancient times that weigh about 300-450 carats and was reputed as the largest possible carats used for Moonstone.

As moonstone is considered one of the best gemstones for the engagement ring, we are sure to say that it will make your special day even more memorable. So, here are some of our best-selling moonstone engagement rings that will surely make her fall in love all over again:

With this adularescence shine, this twisted infinity Moonstone engagement ring will be the ring that she will say "YES" to. Portray your magical love story with this infinity style engagement ring. The infinity style is one of the most popular designs, as it symbolizes the infinite love in a relationship. So, if you are looking for some romantic and meaningful gifts for your partner, then this is the one for you. 

For all those brides, who like a lot of sparkle in their engagement ring, this cluster style halo engagement ring is the perfect option for you. The center stone is a Oval shaped glimmering Blue Moonstone and it is perfectly complemented with sparkling diamonds as the side stones. This floral halo Moonstone engagement ring will surely complement the beauty of the wearer with its luminous shine and adularescence.

Fulfill your fairytale wedding dreams, with our tiara inspired vintageMoonstone wedding ring set. The Luminous Round Moonstone is securely set in a 6 prong setting and is enhanced with pear and round cut sparkling diamonds. Make it special and memorable with our mystical Moonstone Bridal set and cherish your special moments together for a lifetime. 

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